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We thank you for using this website. If you accept the Terms and Conditions of Use, you agree to the conformity which takes place between you and the website, the U.S. Dream. You are expected to review this contract before using any service that the website offers. By accepting the Terms and Conditions, you agree that you are aware that the website is a private one and has no official link with any government agency or policy. It also takes control of your usage of our website as well as the services/products that it provides. It also includes each and every other information or data that is being provided to you by our website. Anyone with a stable internet access can use this company’s website. The user is expected to go through the Terms and Conditions of the contract and agree to all the Terms and Conditions of the website which also includes the terms of use and applicable laws and regulations along with the trademark and copyright. Our website provides you with proper guidance while filling up the forms related to immigration to the U.S. Diversity Visa Lottery Program. The updates on any further agreement between you and the company shall be updated to you as well. As you fill the form, you will be solely responsible for any particular field mentioned in the form. If by any chance you do not agree to the Terms and Conditions of the website, you are not eligible to use any of its service or products. The laws of the State will govern the terms and the association between you and the U.S. Dream which holds no consideration over any argument of laws principles. The employers of the corporation are limited to provide any modification to the Terms or to provide any further commitment or add any external link or account. However if given a signed authority by any authorized officer of the website, one can do that. If the company does not fulfill any right or provision of the Terms, it will not be giving up the right or provision. There are no hidden rights or laws that may not be expressed by the company. The Terms does not put any perimeter on the copyrights, patents or trade secrets of the Company. If by any chance any provision in the Terms is found to be unsound or not promising, yet the competent parties should agree to let the court try to give the parties the proper effect as given in the provision, meanwhile all the other provisions of the Terms shall stay in full growth and upshot. You hereby agree that if you have any claim or any basis of deed that is regarding the website then the service or the provision in the Terms must be filed within one year regardless of any act or law related to the same. After one year, the claim or the grounds of act will not be entertained and then you will no longer have the right to claim for that. In addition to this, you also agree that the provisions in the Terms will not be regarded as an interpretation against the planed party which is the Corporation.


When you are using the service that the website is offering, you agree to act in accordance with its terms and conditions. You agree that when using this website, you accept that you are at least 18 years of age and are legally able to use or accept this agreement. Further added, while using the website as well as the service you hereby agree to stand for any guidelines provided by the website to use its service and agree to acknowledge any change made by the website in future. Also, you agree to use the electronic statement to enter into various contracts, awareness of its rules and regulations, notices, policies, various records of your transactions that are completed with the website or any other service or products offered by the website. You agree to each and every guideline, statements or terms that may change time to time with prior information on the website. The corporation owes the right to change the Terms and Conditions after publishing the notice of any modification on their website. If you choose to use any service even after the corporation has modified the Terms and Conditions, it will be considered as your acceptance of the changed terms and conditions. You also agree that the corporation is allowed to contact and use any other information provided by you to satisfy you with its service. You also agree that the corporation is permitted to get hold of your contact information by accessing such information in order to notify you about the changes or any service that is being given to you. If you are not satisfied with any term or condition or you object to the same then the only option left to you will be to put an end to the usage of the website. The U.S. Dream also provides you with accessible and communicative services that helps you and guides you regarding various processes. As the website serves you, it will be paid accordingly. The website won’t be held responsible for creating any legal-client association which means you are the sole representative in any legal concern about the services of the website. Also make sure that you are fully aware that this website does not have any connection with any Government Agency. If you submit your application after the submission period, then your application will automatically be processed for the next lottery session.


The Corporation is the owner and operator of the website, which implies that the Corporation owns all the rights, titles and interest as well as the services provided through this website. This excludes any Government forms as well as documents which means, it has no relation with the Government. The corporation also owns the information, documents, sounds, logos, images, etc to be governed either by the corporation or by its third party developers. This also states that none of these contents posted on the website will be copied, reposted, reproduced, downloaded, uploaded, or distributed on the site. The website may have links to other websites as well which is completely autonomous which brings you to the norm that the Corporation is not to be held responsible for the accuracy, completeness or warranty of the other website. The Corporation also takes no responsibility of the information updated in other websites. That means you will enter any other website at your own risk. Anything that is posted on this website shall not interpret to grant any license under the Corporation’s rights. If in any case you decide to purchase any of the website’s pages you would need to contact the Corporation. This has to be decided by the Corporation’s only and complete judgment. Privacy and Information Disclosure The user also accepts and agrees that the Company’s privacy policy (as mentioned in this website) is included in this by this orientation and it is therefore a part of the terms and conditions. Read the Privacy Policy to know more about this.


This section states that the user knows, understands and agrees to cover, preserve and hold the Company along with its trusted associates, licensors and suppliers and keep them from any harm such as legal responsibility, loss, assertion and expenditure that also includes reasonable legal representative’s fees which is related to a user’s infringement of the contract with the website.

Pricing and Fees

As you know that this Corporation is a private one and has no connection with any Government agency, the amount of money that you pay is taken as a fee for preparation of your application and it also covers the cost of services that are being provided by the website to you. This section of the Terms characterizes the fee that is billed to the Corporation. Payment to the website regarding all your fees and charges must be paid through a valid credit card or any other form of valid payment procedures which is already mentioned in the website. There are no registration fees. You will be charged only for the paid products and they are specified in the website. You also hereby agree that the website is allowed to condition the usage of the products or software so as to comprise payments, eliminate payments. The website is solely responsible for changing or modifying paid products. The website has all rights to change the cost of its product without any prior notice. Please notice that this cost does not include any payment the filing fee or any additional payment that as to be paid to Department of State (DOS) if any, these additional fees are not paid on the website as it isn’t included in the price list. But if it is applicable, it must be paid in the given time. Also note that there is no fee charged by the Department of state for filing the application into the U.S. DV lottery, this corporation U.S. Dream is a private company. Please note that there are no fees charged to enter the website. However, the fee that is paid to the website is for the management and the capitulation of the application as well as the amount charged for the time and cost of the Corporation. Transaction, Refund Policy This Term is all about the User’s solitary and elite right to the refund of the fees that they pay. The fee that is being paid to the Corporation is non-refundable. However, if bye any chance the Corporation decides to refund the amount you had paid to the website, the amount will not be higher than the actual payment that was made at the initial stage. The Corporation is liable to take away a termination fee of 10% from your payment of your initial transaction. This cancellation fee is a part of your dealing out fee as well as the management fee that was meant for opening your submission. The fees are not refundable when the circumstances are not in the controlling powers of the company such as acts of war, acts of nature, technical restrictions, governmental or bureaucratic changes or when the user omits. Fees paid are not refundable when the Government itself cancels the Program by any means or act. If the fees has been paid for multiple-year registrations and the user’s application was submitted to at least one year program, in such case also the fees paid cannot come under the recoverable category. Fees paid is not refundable if the fees were paid through cash, cheque money order, bank transfer or Western Union transfer as the website supports only a valid credit card or a charge card or any other method mentioned in the website. The Company possesses the right to amend the refund policy at its good judgment. The user must agree to submit an original application and not a duplicate one. The Corporation won’t be held responsible for any duplicate application or document. The U.S. Government, however, doesn’t charge any participation fee but the Corporation is independent and the fees is amount to be paid only for the grounding, evaluation, capitulation and tracking of the application submitted by the user. As the User submits the application and pays the charged fees to the website, the user acknowledges and agrees to the Terms and Conditions regarding the refund policy of the website. If ever the website finds that the user is a fraud or has used a deceitful mode of payment which is the use of a stolen or a fake credit card or any other charge-back , the website in such a case reserves the rights to block the user’s account as well as reverse any refund (if made any). Also, the website is liable to inform the relevant authorities or units regarding the fraud payment. Risk Involved and Guarantee of Selection This section states that while entering the website, the User fully acknowledges that the usage of the service and the site deals at the user’s own risk. The Company is not liable to the user or any external source for any loss, injury, direct or indirect, significant, penalizing or similar damages which leads due to the inability of the user to access the website and the service. Also it states that the User is aware of and agrees that this program is a computerized program and the selection is made randomly where there is no such guarantee of selection. Selections are made when the registrations are done and that satisfies all requirements of the Program. There is no involvement of the Company in the selection of applicants and the usage of Company’s service by the user also does not guarantee the selection of the user in the Lottery Program. Also you understand that this is a Lottery Visa Program and thus it gives you no guarantee of winning. The applications receive an equal opportunity of winning the lottery but winning it exactly is uncertain. The winners are also selected randomly.

User ID and Password

The website is not going to use any of the user’s personal identification. The user is the only person who is authorized to access the account’s identification and the password. The website makes sure that you don’t allow any other random person to have an access into your account, that is, you do not share your password with any United States Government employee or this website. The site would never disclose your user ID or password if by any chance you lose or forget it. The website will just send it to the email address provided by you during the time of registration. You are the sole owner of your account.

Termination Rights

The user understands and agree that the Corporation has the sole right to delete or deactivate the user’s account, block the email address provided or the IP address, also to terminate your access or the usage of the website either without notice or without limitation but due to a reason that if the company believes or has the evidence that you have broken any rule or misused any content mentioned in the Terms and Conditions. Also, you agree that the corporation shall not be responsible to you or any third party regarding the termination of your access to the website and you also agree to abandon your usage of the website after being terminated once. Termination of the contract also terminates the license of the user and authority to further use or accesses the services or any other content provided in the website.

Copyright & Trademark

The website owes trademarks, service marks and copyrights as the sole property of the same. The content, association, assembly, anthology, compelling conversion, digital conversation and any other matter which is related to the website comes under strict protection of applicable copyrights, trademarks and other proprietary rights. One cannot copy, redistribute, and use the publication or any part of the website without the prior permission of the company in written. Strict actions might be taken if anyone is found to be guilty of stealing the copyrighted content from the website. In case of any query, please contact the U.S. Dream.



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