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Lottery Requirements

First Requirement:

The applicant’s birth country (or the natives) that qualifies is eligible for the DV Lottery Program.

The birth country of the applicant has to be an eligible country to qualify for the DV Lottery Program,If the Applicant is not from an eligible country there are two different other ways that might qualify.

1. If the spouse of the applicant born in the eligible country, then the applicant can claim the spouse’s birth country to qualify, but provided both the applicant and the spouse enter the lottery program and enter the United States simultaneously.

2. If the parents are born or a legal residents of the country which is eligible for the lottery program, then the applicant who is born in a ineligible country can claim the country of birth of one of the parents.

List of Non- eligible countries and their natives:

  • 1. Bangladesh
  • 2. Brazil
  • 3. Canada
  • 4. China
  • 5. Colombia
  • 6. Dominican Republic
  • 7. Ecuador
  • 8. El Salvador
  • 9. Haiti
  • 10. India
  • 11. Jamaica
  • 12. Mexico
  • 13. Nigeria
  • 14. Pakistan
  • 15. Peru
  • 16. Philippines
  • 17. South Korea
  • 18. United Kingdom
  • 19. Vietnam

Second Requirement:

The applicant has to have either a work experience or meet the education level to qualify for the DV Lottery Program.

1. Applicant with high school education equivalent to 12 years of elementary and secondary school.

2. OR 2 years of working experience within the last 5 years in an occupation that requires at least 2 years of experience or training to
perform.The occupation qualification will be determined from the US Department of Labor’sO*Net Online database.

Please check the FAQ’s for more information and you can also write or call us for more questions.



All necessary assistance and step by step guidance is given to the applicants for completing the Diversity Visa (USA Green Card Lottery) application ones the registration is done.

Registrations are open 365 days a year.

A complete review is done on your application for accuracy and a 100% guaranteed submission on all on time completed application.

Every applicant is updated on the status of the application through email and if necessary over the phone so that you are aware of your application status. Read More