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Eligibility Test

Take up the test to find out if you qualify for the USA Green Card Lottery Program (2018 DV Lottery Program).

Please make sure all required fields are filled out correctly to ensure correct result.

Who should apply for DV LOTTERY?

Generally everyone. Individuals who meet the TWO major eligibility requirements qualify themselves to participate in the DV Lottery. (Read More) Unfortunately, a lot of applicants who are eligible and take part in the green card lottery program get themselves disqualified even after submitting their applications, and there are other set of applicants who are again disqualified at the time of interview even after winning the DV Lottery.

Few common error made by the applicant’s which leads their immigration process disqualified.

  • Applications submitted without meeting the eligibility criteria.
  • Not filling the required information’s on the application as it is on their legal documents.
  • Providing incorrect information’s by assuming and having one’s own idea for the questions asked on the E-DV application form.
  • Not meeting job experience requirements as indicated in the O*Net online database.
  • Filling application with photograph that does not meet the E-DV Format.