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US DV Green card lottery official program will make permanent residence visas available to people around the world simple by following simple eligibility requirements.

We guarantee your application entry into the US DV Lottery Program by following our process, you can avoid taking risk by submitting incorrect information and getting disqualified.We at US Dream make sure your application meets the standards of US Department of States, however you application will be reviewed by our experts before submission.

Clients with US Dream will have the option of getting their application submitted multiple years.

Registration available now (U.S. DOS has limited open registration dates which typically don't start until early October)
Registration available 365 days a year
Sending photos by post mail
Online support by experts
Update of contact information at any time
Multiple-year submissions collect all required data
Review your case individually to verify your eligibility;
Collect and prepare/scan all required photos;
Review your completed application for completeness and accuracy;
Prepare your electronic visa program entry;
Allow you to track the progress of your application through access to an online database;
Notify you of your application results by mail and email; and
Guide you through the visa paperwork process after your visa is granted.
Let USA Green Card help you apply to the Green Card Lottery today and we may welcome you to the United States tomorrow!


All necessary assistance and step by step guidance is given to the applicants for completing the Diversity Visa (USA Green Card Lottery) application ones the registration is done.

Registrations are open 365 days a year.

A complete review is done on your application for accuracy and a 100% guaranteed submission on all on time completed application.

Every applicant is updated on the status of the application through email and if necessary over the phone so that you are aware of your application status. Read More