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About Green Card

The Diversity USA GREEN CARD Visa is an official Lottery Program conducted by US government for a chance of legal immigration to the United States of America.

Section 203(c) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) aims to further diversify the US population by manually offering 50000 immigrants from around the world and give opportunity to complete the dream of living in as American. People, who are issues a Green Card have a legal right to study, work and live permanently in United States and may eventually become American citizens.

Entries for the DV lottery Program has to be submitted electronically and no late and paper entries are accepted. The program allows only one entry for each person and submission of multiple entries for individuals will be disqualified.

After submission of the application in the lottery program the applicant will be given a unique confirmation number with which the status if the entry will be notified.

There are two mandatory eligibility criteria that an individual has to meet in order to qualify for the DV Lottery Program.


Green card lottery entry

Only Electronic Entry Form of Green Card Lottery (Diversity Visa) can be accepted for chance to win and become US Citizen. All Winners and their family members are able to live, work, and study in the United States and become US Citizen!

1. The applicant’s birth country (or the natives) is eligible for the DV Lottery Program. Check Eligibility Now
2. The applicant must meet the education level or the job experience criteria. Read More

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All necessary assistance and step by step guidance is given to the applicants for completing the Diversity Visa (USA Green Card Lottery) application ones the registration is done.

Registrations are open 365 days a year.

A complete review is done on your application for accuracy and a 100% guaranteed submission on all on time completed application.

Every applicant is updated on the status of the application through email and if necessary over the phone so that you are aware of your application status. Read More